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                                      STUDENTS REPRESENTATIVE

                                                SESSION  2018 - 19

HEAD GIRL                          SHOEBA HUSSAIN                      XI  HUM

HEAD BOY                           SAHASHRA BHARDWAJ          XI  COM

                                                DRONA HOUSE

CAPTAIN                               KOMAL PODDAR                       XI COM                    

CCA CAPTAIN                      KATYAYANI                               XI HUM

SPORTS CAPTAIN                SHOAIB RAZA                            XI COM

VICE CAPTAIN                    ANURAG ROUT                          IX  B

VICE CAPTAIN                     TISHA SINGH                            IX A

                                                AGASTYA HOUSE

CAPTAIN                              MADHAWI SINHA                       XI COM

CCA CAPTAIN                    PALAK PATHAK                          XI HUM

SPORTS CAPTAIN              RIYA SINGH                                   XI COM

VICE CAPTAIN                   SHANU                                           IX  A

VICE CAPTAIN                   SWATI GUPTA                             IX  B

                                                VASHISTHA HOUSE

CAPTAIN                              SHRADHA MISHRA                   XI HUM

CCA CAPTAIN                    BARKHA KUMARI                      XI HUM

SPORTS CAPTAIN             PRADUMAN GOYAL                   XI COM

VICE CAPTAIN                   ANWESHA ARYA                        IX  A

VICE CAPTAIN                   PRASHANT RAJ ORAON           IX  A

                                                PARSHURAM HOUSE

CAPTAIN                              GAURAV MISHRA                      XI COM

CCA  CAPTAIN                    NUPUR DHAR                            XI COM

SPORTS CAPTAIN              BHUMIKA SHARMA                  XI HUM

VICE CAPTAIN                    KUMAR RISHAP                        IX  A

VICE CAPTAIN                   KRITIKA MODI                           IX  A

A 3- Days residential Workshop has been arranged for Science and Mathematics Teachers of Hazaribag zone from 13th May - 15th May 2016 at Regional Directorate, DAV PS CCL NTS Barkakana.


 An Online IT Talent search Examination (2015) UDAAN-2015 conducted successfully in the Computer Labs of the School. 

This is the onlly centre for the said test in Ramgarh District. 482 candidates from all types of school (Govt, Govt aided and private) from each corner of the district appeared for the test. District education officer Mr. Ratan Kumar Singh & Regional Director Mrs. Urmila Singh along with DIO and others were present at the centre.


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