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NCC Starts on 01.04.2017

2017 30  BOYS 20 GIRLS

2018  30 BOYS 20 GIRLS



CATC-I Shooting Hazaribag 22 BN

Ishan Sharma ,Harsh Mishra, Harsh Sharma

CATC-II Shooting Hazaribag

Ishan Sharma ,Harsh Mishra, Harsh Sharma

CATC-III Shooting Koderma

Ishan Sharma ,Harsh Mishra, Harsh Sharma

CATC-IV Shooting Gaya

Ishan Sharma ,Harsh Mishra, Harsh Sharma


TSC I Shooting Hazaribag 22 BN

Ishan Sharma ,Harsh Mishra, Harsh Sharma



Atul Kumar (2006 batch) has quailified in the most prestigious examination of the country, UPSC '2018' (Rank-535). DAV Barkakana family feels proud and honored of his glorious achievement.

Congratulations ! !

to our Principal Cum Regional Director Dr. Urmila Singh for completing unbeaten 25 Years in DAV Barkakana as Principal

Tashnim Kaushar, Divya Kumari,Pushpanjali Sharma and Manisha Agarwal qualified NEET 2017 and got adminssion in different prestigious Medical College in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Shubham Raj and Sankhadip Biswas qualified JEE Advance and got admission in IIT BHU Varanasi and IIT (ISM) Dhanbad respectively.


Rishabh Deo Qualified UPSC(Rank-131) 2017



Prince Vikram of our school had achived tremendous sucess in the prestigous examination UPSC 2016 placed in 554the Rank.

Final result of Aryabhatta Mathematics Competition 2016( Junior Group)

Aryan of class VIII has been awarded cash Prize of Rs 1500 /- and 10 students have been awarded merits certificates

They are:-

  1. Roshan Kumar Choudhary
  2. Saksham Kumar
  3. Chaitanya Charul
  4. Kulsum Belali
  5. Cherag Prajwal
  6. Aman Gupta
  7. Saket
  8. Anima
  9. Saharsa Bhardwaj
  10. Himanshu Kumar

In Junior Group

Shivangi Shkhar of class V has been awarded cash prize of Rs 1500 and Nine Students awarded merit Certificate

They are:-

  1. Sabina Naz
  2. Sourav Kumar Saini
  3. Nikhil Sharma
  4. Tanishk
  5. Dhruv Kumar Sharma
  6. Pranjal
  7. Kanishka
  8. Ashu Kumar
  9. Shubham Pal

Result Middle

Result Junior

Seven students of our school selected in JEE Main

  1. Vivek Raj
  2. Ashish Kumar
  3. Gautam Kumar
  4. Akash Kumar Singh
  5. Sahil Kumar Ravi
  6. Ravi Shankar
  7. Kriti Agarwal

We successfully organised the online Maths and General Science Olympiad on 22 December 2015. In this olympiad 22 students in Maths and 29 Students in General Science tool Part. 

An Online IT Talent search Examination (2015) UDAAN-2015 conducted successfully in the Computer Labs of the School. 

This is the onlly centre for the said test in Ramgarh District. 482 candidates from all types of school (Govt, Govt aided and private) from each corner of the district appeared for the test. District education officer Mr. Ratan Kumar Singh & Regional Director Mrs. Urmila Singh along with DIO and others were present at the centre