Aim and Vision  

 “ In every Language upon earth
      On every shore, o’er every sea,
     I gave my name immortal birth
       And kept my sprit with the free”.

The school aims at producing worthy citizens endowed with positive virtues who can enshoulder responsibility entrusted to them with sincerity and devotion. The active participation in social, cultural and spiritual activities helps them to be connected with the chain of humanity.
The institution aim to prepare them as world citizens who know no boundaries, no discriminations and treat the entire world as single whole, there by a unitied family where we believe in the philosophy where ‘success’ bears different meaning :
                                                                                       “Coming together.........
                                                                                                          is beginning.......
                                                                                        Keeping together is………….
                                                                                        Working together is success……. “

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